Unique and fun places for food and drink

If you, like us, want an imprinting experience as well as good food and drink when out and about. We strongly recommend you to go and check at least one of these 3 unique and fun place for food and drink.


Opening times – 11.30 – 23.00
Closed on Sundays

Address – Av. Dom João II 43 E, 1990-083 Lisboa

Fifties dinner restaurant, located just outside Parque Das Nacoes is a given stop for anyone that have a love for american fast food or that is just fancying to listen to some old tunes whiles sipping on a huge milkshake.

This restaurant makes you feel like you take a step back in time and transported to America in one step.
And the food is to die for, juicy burgers with crispy chips and a cola float to swallow it all down with and all for a reasonable price (ca 35 Euro for a dinner for 2)

Pop Cereal Cafe

Opening times – 09.00 – 00.00 Daily

Address – Rua do Norte 64 – Bairro Alto – 1200-334 Lisboa

Definitely more a breakfast or dessert stop but still not to be missed during your Activities In Lisbon.
This cereal cafe located in Bairro Alto is covered in colors and pop art and is a real fun place for food in the city.

Step in to what could be a quirky teenage room (but with a lot more chairs, people and cereals in) and pick from a huge variety of cereals, both international and local to either mix and match as you want with the different kinds, pop some toppings on and maybe even add some strawberry or chocolate milk to your bowl instead of standard milk.
Or you can try one of their set mixes of cereals, their huge waffles or one of the freak shakes.

All to a decent price (starting at 3.60 Euro a bowl) and an unforgettable experience or just a perfect snap for your Instagram feed

Pavilhão Chinês

Opening times – 18.00 – 02.00 Daily

Address – Rua D. Pedro V, 89-91, Príncipe Real, Lisboa

This Bar in Bairro Alto is in an old grocery store and has 5 rooms decorated like a museum.
With the walls filled from floor to ceiling off unique and interesting items.
Mainly toys from the owners personal collection and dating back as far as world war I.

You can easily get lost in this weird and wonderful bar for hours whiles sipping one of their amazing cocktail from the large cocktail menu (that starts from 9.50 Euro) and constantly finding something new and unique on the many shelf’s to explore.

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