Costa Da Caparica Beaches By Bike

Lisbon is the only city in Europe with numerous beaches on its literal doorstep and what better green way to reach them than by bike. Read our guide on how to reach Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike.

Stop 1

Costa Da Caparica Beaches By Bike

From Cais De Sodré train station, cycle along the riverside cycle path, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the outstanding views of the 25th April Bridge. Travel 5.4 km towards Belem until you reach the Estação Fluvial Belém – Transtejo – The Belem Ferry Terminal. Opening times are 6h30 às 21h30 weekdays, 7h às 21h Saturday and
 8h às 21h Sunday and holidays. Grab a return ticket to Trafaria. The journey takes more or less 25 minutes each way. A return ticket costs less than 5 euros.

Stop 2

Disembark at Trafaria in order to explore Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike. Trafaria is a small little fishing village, with a couple of cafes, shops and fresh seafood restaurants. Trafaria also has a small beach to explore, Praia do Segundo Torrão. It is not the best in the area but it is tranquil and a rest bite from the crowds at the other beaches.

Stop 3

The second beach you will reach is Praia da Cova do Vapor. This beach is an unofficial dog beach with a very large expanse of sand usually relatively empty therefore making it a great location for beach sports. There is also free parking and Bugio´s restaurant. You can even book our amazing Lisbon beach sports day at this beach.

Stop 4

In order to cycle to the next beach Praia de São João, you will have to stick to the back roads heading more into town because the beach boardwalk isn’t yet accessible. Praia de São João is one main and popular beaches in Costa Da Caparica. There are lots of beach bars with beach beds, it is great for families with golden sand and paid parking right next to the beach. A worth while stop is Kintiki bar, which is great for cocktails, you deserve to quench your thirst as we delve further into Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike .

Stop 5

Finally we reach the beach boardwalk and we hit North Beach. Cycling from now on is effortless and exploring Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike super easy.
North Beach is great for surfing and during the summer months is a full of locals and tourists working on their tans. On the boardwalk every couple of minutes there are trendy beach bars and restaurants, you are spoilt for choice!

Stop 6

Costa Da Caparica Beaches By Bike

Cycle another kilometre, as we explore Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike, and we reach Praia do Tarquínio-Paraíso.
This beach is a hop skip and a jump from the centre of Costa Da Caparica making it very popular and very busy beach during the summer. If your little legs are tired and you want to join the herd grab a beach bed for 15 euros per day. Praia do Tarquínio-Paraíso has lifeguard and equipped with sanitary facilities, bar and first-aid post.
Ready to cycle on? Still intrigued by exploring Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike?

Stop 7

At Praia Nova we reach the end of the beach board walk and the end of the cycle path along the beach. However we must continue to seek the best beaches on our tour of Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike. In order to reach the rest of the beaches we must cycle on the road.

Stop 8

Past the Parque de Campismo Piedense is Praia da Mata. Here the swathes of people starts to thin out and space can be found between beach beds. Praia da Mata is famous for clean sand, the blue water and the amazing sunset. Great for family with children as the beach water forms small lagoons. The beach is serviced by a wonderful seafood restaurant a perfect spot to watch the sunset, listen to music, sip a few drinks and spend a good time.

Stop 9

Cycle another couple of kilometres and we are rewarded with the penultimate beach Praia do Rei. A great beach, not overcrowded, very clean, gentle sloping sand with almost no shells or stones. Some consider this to be the best beach in Costa da Caparica. Relax with cocktail in hand at trendy beach bars Posto 9 or Coco beach.

Stop 10

Costa Da Caparica Beaches By Bike

And we reach our final stop on how to reach Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike – Praia da Bela Vista – The nudist beach!

The most beautiful beach and outlook with the luxury of being in one’s birthday suit. Praia da Bela Vista has been a naturist beach since 1996.

After finding out how to reach Costa Da Caparica beaches by bike it is time now for the cycle back, are you ready!

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