9 Best Rooftop Bars Porto

Perched atop the city’s iconic buildings, these rooftop bars are more than just places to grab a drink – they’re elevated sanctuaries that provide a unique perspective of Porto’s skyline, its meandering river, and the cascading terracotta roofs that give the city its distinctive charm. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler seeking the next hidden gem or a first-time visitor looking for the perfect introduction to the city, Best Rooftop Bars Porto offer an unparalleled setting to unwind, socialize, and take in the breathtaking sights.

From the historic Ribeira district to the modern architecture of Boavista, each rooftop bar has its own personality, reflecting the diversity and dynamism that define Porto. Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening under the stars, a stylish urban escape, or a lively spot to dance the night away, you’ll find it amidst the rooftops of this captivating city.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the Best Rooftop Bars in Porto, exploring their unique atmospheres and signature cocktails. Let the cool breeze, the clinking of glasses, and the awe-inspiring views transport you to a realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and every sip is a toast to the beauty that surrounds you.

Graça Rooftop Bar

Graça Rooftop Bar is located in central Porto in the Aliados area.

This rooftop located on the top of the Rivoli Cinema Hostel. This rooftop is quaint, trendy and charming. It has a limited view of Porto landmarks, with the top of the Torre dos Clérigos and the Cathedral peaking out from behind the rooftops but the atmosphere makes up for the view. Come and chill for a laid back sunset, tasty BBQ or dance to the live band.

The Opening Times are Wednesday to Sunday – 4pm to 10pm, with Forro nights, afternoon BBQs, live music and DJs.

Address: R. do Dr. Magalhães Lemos 83 4 andar, 4000-332 Porto
Contact: Facebook

LIFT Rooftop Via Catarina

best rooftop bars porto 5

LIFT Rooftop Via Catarina is located on top of the Via Catarina shopping centre carpark in the Bolhão area of Porto.

This rooftop is the favourite of the AIP team. It is large with fantastic panoramic views of the city, including Bolhão Market, the Torre dos Clérigos and the Porto Cathedral. The tables are comfortably spaced, so you do not feel overlooked. The bar is large so the queues to get drinks do not get out of hand and the dance floor area is sufficient to rock the night away.

The Opening Times are Sunday to Wednesday – 12pm to 11pm. Thursday to Saturday – 12pm to 12am, with tasty brunches, lunches, cocktails and great DJs. Lift has the perfect vibe to get you pumped for the weekend.

Address: Rua Fernandes Tomás 508, Porto
Contact: Facebook


The City Club

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The City Club is on top the 5th floor of the zero box lodge. This hotel is a new way of sleeping in Porto focusing on creativity and unparalleled innovation.

This is cosy place to hangout and drink with friends, the rooftop boasts sunbeds and dip pools for hot summer days in Porto.

The rooftop is not just for daytimes split your time between the rooftop and the Big Bad Bank Bar for a banging and unique night in Porto

Address: R. do Ateneu Comercial do Porto 13, 4000-450 Porto
Contact: Facebook

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Casa Guedes Rooftop

best rooftop bars porto 3

If you are looking for a bite to eat and a rooftop vibe Casa Guedes Rooftop is the spot for you.

The first restaurant opened in 1987 by two brothers as a snack bar, the new building with the rooftop was opened in 2019.

The restaurant provides affordable meals with a good view. They do not accept table reservations, only a first come-first served policy.

Address: Praça dos Poveiros 76 80, 4000-393 Porto
Contact: Instagram

Rooftop Flores

Rooftop Flores is an almost hidden gem in Porto, it not traditionally a rooftop but more of a terrace however it has stunning views of Porto.

To find the rooftop enter by the enigmatic door, walk down the walkway to enter the stunning shaded garden with beaufitul orange trees.

Grab a drink, a deck chair or traditional ironwork table and relax into the beautiful views of the city.

Rooftop Flores has outstanding views of the Se and the Porto skyline.

Address: Rua da Vitória 177, 4050-634 Porto
Contact: Instagram

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Calçada das Virtudes

best rooftop bars porto

OK this is not necessary a rooftop but I am going to sneak with in.

Calçada das Virtudes over looks the garden of Virtudes and has excellent views of the river.

Its a hot spot for the locals to hang out and pass a sunny afternoon with friends.

Behind the grassy area are typical Portuguese bars with oustide seating where you can pretend you are on a rooftop.

Miradouro Ignez

best rooftop bars porto

Miradouro Ignez is a cute little cafe/bar with brillant views of the city. The hangout is super popular with locals and tourists a like and for good reason.

The views from this quaint cafe are just stunning. The sun’s warm rays embrace the sky, casting a soft, golden glow upon the rippling waters. The city’s buildings line the riverbanks, their red-tiled roofs catching the light.

Address: Rua da Restauração 252, 4050-592 Porto
Contact: Facebook

Espaço Porto Cruz

best rooftop bars porto

Located in Cais De Gaia you will find the Terrace Lounge 360 at the Espaço Porto Cruz.

This rooftop is stylish, sophisticated and boasts 360 degree views of Porto.

Here you can sit for a lovely meal, grab a sofa bed for an afternoon on the cocktails or just grab a glass of port wine.

This is a stunning spot to take in the amazing sunset over the Douro river, the DJ set will keep the party going after the sun sets.

Address: Largo Miguel Bombarda 23, 4400-222 Vila Nova de Gaia
Contact: Instagram

RoofTop Sta. Catarina

Last but not least we have number 9 on our list of Best Rooftop Bars Porto.

Rooftop Sta. Catarina used to be found on top of the La Vie Porto Baixa shopping centre, but as that has been sold the rooftop has relocated to a new waterside location.

The new location close to the marina in Vila Nova De Gaia adds to its chilled laid back vibe.

Come here for a cocktail, a delicious meal or dance to a DJ set watching the breathtaking sunset.

The rooftop is spacious and there are many spots you can grab to share a drink and gossip with your mates.

Address: R. da Praia 9950, 4400-554 Vila Nova de Gaia
Contact: Instagram

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