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Lisbon is a vibrant and historic city that offers visitors a wealth of experiences and activities.

Whether you’re interested in soaking up the local atmosphere, being a little more extreme, trying a typical Portuguese activity or simply enjoying the sunny weather and beautiful beaches. There are plenty of activities to do in Lisbon that will make your visit unforgettable.
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Portugal Guide

Culture In Lisbon


Fado: Fado is only found in Portugal and has its origins in Lisbon from the 1820’s. Fado is a melancholy in theme with a singer accompanied by a guitarist.

Street Art: Lisbon is famous for its street art, walk down any street and you can find amazing works of art on the side of buildings, they are a true sight to be seen.

Concerts: The Altis Arena based in Parque das Nações is considered one of the best concerts halls in the world.

Cuisine: When visiting Portugal you must try piri piri chicken, francesinha, bacalhau, and, of course, a pastel de nata.

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Here in Lisbon we have a very mild climate all year round and in winter temperatures rarely go below 10 degrees during the day. During the summer months you can expect 25 to 30 degrees during the day and around 16 at night.


This beautiful city beats to its own drum, it unashamedly does not follow the crowd.

It oozes retro charm and sticks to Portuguese values, don’t expect large chain shops and bars, Lisbon is only interested in independent venues.


Lisbon has fantastic sandy beaches on its door step, perfect if you want to mix a city break and beach holiday. Head to Carcavelos or Cascais on the train a return ticket is just 3.60 euros from Cais Do Sodre train station

Where To Explore In Lisbon

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Avenida Liberdade: This long Avenue has a rich history and is also the location for designer shops in Central Lisbon.

Praça do Comércio: This main square is located next the the river and contains number historical attractions. It is an important symbol of the city.

Tram 28: The yellow Lisboa trams are world famous. Jump on tram 28 to see most of the famous sights this beautiful city has to offer.

Time Out Market:  In Cais Do Sodre is a foodie paradise. Grab a bite to eat in this huge food market.

Read the Portugal guide for more places to visit in Lisbon.

Best Time To Visit

Activities In Portugal are based in Lisbon, we live and work here and are blessed in knowing this city like the back of our hands.

In our opinion the best times to visit Lisbon is out of season. From February to May or September to November is the best time to find affordable flights and good prices on accommodation.

Lisbon locals start hitting the beach in May and only stop when the weather gets a little cooler at the end of October. The best month to take a dip in the ocean is September when the sea temperatures are around 20 degrees.

The winter months are an ideal time to come on a budget Lisbon break, if you are lucky you will experience beautiful sunny days of around 15 degrees. The majority of activities are still available during this time of year.

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Eating Out In Lisbon

Foodies are really spoilt for choice in Lisbon. Restaurants are super affordable with amazing food and tasty wines.

Bairro Alto is packed full of small restaurants with a few tables scattered  outside on the cobbled streets.
These restaurants are for the tourist crowd so expect the price tag to match. 

Rossio is great area of alfresco dining. It is not possible to walk down the street without touts inviting you into the large selection of seafood restaurants but again tourist crowd = tourist prices 

Principal Real has a new trendy restaurants opening seemingly every week, here you will eat with the locals and often footballers and TV stars.

Commercial Square is another fantastic area Al Fresco dining. Praça do Comércio provide tasty restaurants located in picturesque environment, we definitely recommend at least one meal here. 

The Docks is a marina located underneath the 25th April Bridge and is lined with amazing restaurants with stunning marina and river views. Perfect Activity In Lisbon

Fun Facts

Impress your mates and maybe some locals with the Activities In Portugal Fun Facts

I bet that crow is called Vincent!

Reportedly, In 1173 Crows have represented Lisbon after they escorted the body of Saint Vincent to Lisbon, where he would be buried. 
Also the cities coal merchant would keep a pet crow and normally named them …. you guessed it Vincent.

A Fine Copy

The Castelo de São Jorge (St Georges Castle) is not the original medieval fortress that many tourists visit today. It is actually a replica built in the 1940s. Did you spot the copy?

Lisbon was the first city to import Guinness

In 1811, Lisbon purchased Guinness from Ireland, records show.

If they told you they would have to kill you

Only 5 people in Lisbon know the secret recipe for the famous Pastel de Belém and the will not tell. The 5 have memorised the recipe and the protect the secret they never travel in the same plane, take the same car or order the same dish at any restaurant.

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