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Activities in Portugal is the only booking platform and agency dedicated to Portugal.

Our efficient team have been organising events in Portugal since 2011.

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Any legal business based in Portugal can register with Activities In Portugal and start selling your tours and activities.

For vendors uploading their owns tours and activities using our online store, we charge a 10% commission on the RRP. 

We will send the balance for the activity directly to your Portuguese bank account 1 week after date of the activity.

The Activities terms and conditions of cancellation are below.

If the booking as not been confirmed cancelation is free.

When the booking has been confirmed customers can cancel up to 14 days before the activity/tour start time for a full refund minus a 10% fee to cover admin costs payable to Activities in Portugal.

Cancellations after 14 days customers pay 100% payable of the total price due to vendors and Activities In Portugal.

1, We are the only booking platform dedicated to Portugal.

2, We have been working in Portugal for 11 years.

3, Vendors get individualized customizable stores

of their own to tailor to their needs.

4, Vendors are able to get real time overview
of their finances with break downs of their
earning reports right on their dashboard. 

5, Vendors are able to easily manage orders and get notified on new orders, list by filters, status, add notes for tracking and more.

6, Vendors can easily make withdrawals upon
reaching an Admin set minimum amount.

1, How To Register Below

Register here with Activities in Portugal
Enter the following information:

* Your desired username
* Email address
* First/last name
* Store name – the name you want customers to find your store
* Billing address
* Contact phone number

2, Access to dashboard

* The AIP team will review your request and confirm your membership within 24 hrs on work days.

3, Wait for confirmation of your membership

* Once your registration is confirmed venders gain access to your own dashboard area.

* Here you can check your gross sales, commission and orders.

* Below you have product stats and sales by product.

* Notifications will list all emails sent to your product via the “ask a question” button and products sold.
* Latest topics will be added to by the AIP team, if we have any update or notifcation to send to all venders you will see the notification in this box.

4, Products

* Upload your products quickly and easily.

* Select the Products tab from the left hand menu. Within the product tab all the products assocatiated with your account is shown.

* To add a new product select the “add new” button on the top right hand on the page.

5, Upload Your Product

* Select Appointable product – You will find more resources on how to upload a product after registration.

* Add your price and images.

* AIP will review the products and format the products. 

* Your activity goes live.

* Once your product is live you can check your emails and confirm or deny orders.

6, Reports

* Reports provides a quick overview of your gross sales, orders and refunds.

7, Withdrawal

* Request a withdrawal of your money with one click.

About Activities In Portugal​

Please note, we are a booking platform and not an agency. Please check if your question can be found on our website prior to contacting us. (not applicable to corporate clients) The office is not open Saturday and Sunday
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