Lisbon Pride

It does not matter if you have attended a Pride week in one of the many countries and cities around the world hosting their own pride. We think Lisbon Pride is the best.

There are some things that never change from year to year.
The glitter, the rainbow and the happy, including atmosphere that is all around you.

Activities In Lisbon pride will also let you get a unique taste of the local community.
These parties a true hymn to the honesty of people’s uniqueness and personality.

One not to forget is that the most important element of all of these sparkling celebrations is undoubtedly to increase the awareness for the rights of the LGBT community worldwide.

Two Parties For The Price Of One

Lisbon gay pride is split into two events over the two weekends after each other .
The first is the Lisbon Pride Parade (Marcha do Orgulho LGBT) which takes place before the big party, in late June the streets gets filled with an incredible parade.
Shortly followed by the Lisbon Gay Pride Village, also known as Arraial Pride that takes place on the weekend after, all of this takes place in the heart of the city and the combination of political rallies and parties of celebration spread widely.

This massive event, Lisbon Pride, is ongoing for a solid 12 hours.
Starting from 4 in the afternoon on the Saturday going on all night up until 4 on Sunday morning and it will definitely not disappoint.

After having organized 23 prides, these guys know how to throw a party!

Most of the bars and clubs will also host special parties with guest DJs taking place throughout the pride festivities.
This year was the 23rd Arraial Pride and in the previous edition, more than 60,000 visitors showed up to show their love and support for the festival and its meaning.

Improved Rights for Lisbon Pride

While it is still hugely influenced by Catholicism Portugal has slowly but surely become more accepting of same-sex relationships.

An recant poll suggest it is now over 60% of the Portuguese that supports same-sex marriage.
A massive improvement from the significant lower, 29% in 2006.

The rights for LGBT people has massively improved in the 2000s and are now among the best in the world.
on 5th of June 2010, Portugal was the eighth country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage.
On 1 March 2011, the President ratified the Law of gender identity, which simplifies the process of sex and name change for transgender people. Same-sex adoption has been legal since 1 March 2016.

Now that is something you should definitely celebrate, big and loud!
And what better way to celebrate than on Lisbon’s own pride festival?

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