Lisbon is the Green Capital in 2020

Lisbon has been awarded the Green Capital of Europe for 2020, the award was given by the European Commission’s European Green Capital Award initiative. The award is considered for cities that out perform in the areas of energy, water, mobility, waste, green infrastructure and biodiversity.

The reason by Lisbon won for 2020 is because between 2004 and 2016 our city reduced water and carbon dioxide emission by a huge 46% and by 2030 Lisbon aims to have that increased to 60% and be carbon neutral for 2050.

 Lisbon is the Green Capital in 2020. Lisbon has invested in grene areas and planted more trees. Between 2017 and 2020 100,000 trees are planned to be planted. The aim is that 85% of the population will live within 300 metres of a green space. 

The council also wants to create another 300 plots of urban vegetable gardens, thus reaching 1,000 and having 25 vegetable parks (today there are 20) by 2021. 

The city also aims for much more possibilities to grow vegatble with adding more plots of land for rent for vegatable patches throughout the city.

The biggest and grandest objective Lisbon plans to aim for is to use recylced water for washing streets and watering public gardens. Bio waste will also be increased but this comes with educationing the local people on the importance of recycling.

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