Hub Criativo Beato – the new unique creative hub of Lisbon

There is a new Hub in Town – Hub Criativo Beato.

It is a new innovation and creativity hub, located in, Beato – the east side of Lisbon. The east side of Lisbon is an unexplored, emerging area, opening up to creative alternative solutions.
One of them being the Hub Criativo Beato.

The Hub Criativo Beato is being born on the riverside in a former army factory complex. Recognised for its industrial and architectural value.
This hubs is huge – it spreads around 35 000 square meters across 20 different buildings.
These buildings are being renovated to house national and international entities in the area of technology, innovation and creative industries, making Lisbon an open city and a world reference as such.

The Hub Criativo Beato opened its doors to the public during the Web Summit week in Lisbon.
Where it hosted amazing parties and socialising events.
And its doors won’t close anytime soon. Interested what is happening there? Check their events calendar here:

So, while you are in Lisbon enjoying your activities for your weekend away.
Surely visit all the shiny attractions located in the central and west part of Lisbon, yet do not overlook the cool fun things happening on the east side of town.

And make sure you let us know if you liked it.

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