10 Things To Do In Alfama

Alfama is one of Lisbons’ oldest and traditional neighbourhood. Here are Activities In Portugal 10 things to do in Alfama.

1, Fado Restaurants

Alfama and Fado go hand in hand, the area is full of Fado restaurants and Fado music. Reportedly Fado music originated in the area in the early 19th century. Fado music is mournful and full of sorrow, the main content is based on missing sailors on long and dangerous journey. In the 19th century Alfama was full of the poor families of sailors out at sea. Experience Fado at one of the many restaurants and bars in the area.

2, Fado Museum

One of the most famous Fado singers of all time was Amelia and you will find the art work “Wall Of Amália Rodrigues’ byVhils. At the Fado museum you can find more information on Amelia and other artisits. Opened  on the 25 September 1998 the Fado Museum has been providing cultural events and educating tourists on Lisbon’s urban song universe.

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3, Casa dos Bicos

Built in 16th century by the son of the second governor of Portuguese India. Inspired by Italian Renaissance and the palaces of Bologna, he covered the outside of the building with diamond shaped stones that gives the building a spikey appearance. It is currently where the José Saramago Foundation is based, José Saramago is the Nobel Prize-winner for Literature in 1998. You can learn more abouthim at the exhibition.

4, Sé Cathedral

Sé, is the oldest church in the city built in 1147. The Sé is famous for being the first religious building constructed by the 12th century Christian Crusaders.It has been reported that the patron saint of Lisbon, Saint Anthony, was baptized there.

5, Portas Do Sol Miradouro

No doubt you have already seen the view of Lisbon from the viewpoint Portas Do Sol, the image is probably one of the most used of Lisbon. The area is definitely a must visit. Stop and admire the view whilst taking in Portuguese Bica (expresso) at the kiosk. Recharge your batteries after sightseeing.

10 things to do in Alfama
Portas Do Sol

6, National Pantheon

The National Pantheon or Church of Santa Engrácia was built in the17th-century and is the burial place of many important Portuguese personalities. It is open Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 17:00 and costs 3 euros to visit. Impressively the white dome can be viewed from the Portas Do Sol Miradouro. This is one of our favorite 10 Things To Do In Alfama activities.

7, Castelo de S. Jorge

The Castelo de S. Jorge is a prominent feature of the city and has watched over and protected Lisbon since the 1st century BC. The castle has served many purposes including a  royal palace, a military barracks and a national monument. The structure we see is a replica built in the 1940s. It is still well worth a visit for the history, views and gardens.

8, Botto Machado Garden & Feira Da Ladra

Botto Machado Garden is located next to the National Pantheon and where the flea market, Feira De Ladra, takes place. Feira De Ladra means thieves market but now a days the market is policed with vendors selling items from antique trinkets to clothes. The garden is a tranquil spot with views of the river, plenty of shade and a cute cafe.

Feira Da Ladra is translated to the “theives market” in English. Vendors literally sell anything and everything, from antiques to clothes to plastic toys. It is open on Tuesday and Saturday.

9, Miradouro da Graça

Easily reached by the famous Tram 28, Miradouro da Graça is a must stop for panoramic view of the castle and central Lisbon. Grab a coffee at the open air cafe and mingle with tourists and local.

10, The Winding Streets Of Alfama

Alfama can trace its history back to the beginnings of Lisbon, in fact during  Moorish times Alfama was considered to be the whole of Lisbon. The area has seen many influences, none more so than the Moorish settlers. The name is a derivative of Arabic Al-hamma meaning “hot fountains” or “baths”. Amazingly the 1755 Lisbon earthquake did not destroy the area and thus the area has kept its small winding streets and secret little squares. Enjoy a casual stroll around the area soaking up in the history.

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What are your favourite 10 Things To Do In Alfama?

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