6 Brunch Spots Lisbon

Activities In Portugal’s 6 Brunch Spots Lisbon, updated for 2022 and in no particular order.

In 2015 if you asked for “Brunch” in Lisbon you were met with blank stares and confused faces. Lisbon had not heard of Brunch but times change and “Brunch” is a huge trend sweeping the city.

What exactly is Brunch?

It is a mash up of breakfast and lunch, usually including a tipple of champagne or cocktail. The term was coined in Britain in 1895 but the Americans made the event popular in the 1930s. “Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting” according to the 1896 writer Guy Beringer. So great news Brunch is now popular in Lisbon.

Below are our favourite 6 Brunch Spots Lisbon

Thanks for reading 6 Brunch Spots Lisbon, is your favourite Brunch spot on our list?

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