Drinking In Lisbon

Lisbon is a booming city! The tourist numbers have increased massively over the last fews and as such more tourists = more bars, but where should you drink?

Bairro Alto is at the heart of Lisbon, these old cobbled streets are notorious for its nightlife in Lisbon. The bars are located on three main streets – Rua Da Barroca – Rua Da Atalia – Rua do Diário de Notícias. The bars are stacked side by side and the party kicks off around 10pm with the bars closing at at 2am, late for some, early for others. During the majority of the year Lisbon locals drink on the street due to the pleasant nighttime temperatures, so grab a cheap beer in a plastic glass and then head out and mingle on the street. Principal Real is the trendy and LGBT area in Lisbon. This area is dedicated to hipsters and the LGBT community. Drink in stylish cocktail bars, party bars and traditional Portuguese bars. Cais Do Sodre or more commonly known as the Pink Street, here you will end your night  of debauchery. This was once known as the seedy area of Lisbon with muiltiple strip clubs and local prostitutes,  Cais Do Sodre has grown into the cool spot with a great hub of bars and restaurants. Around 2am you will see the mass migration of Lisbon locals heading down hill to the pink street to finish of their night, here the bars are open until 4am and clubs that are open until 8am, perfect for the groups that wants to party hard and do it Lisbon style!

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