Craft Beer In Lisbon

The history of beer in Portugal is already quite old.
Many tribes that passed here produced drinks that we might consider were patents away from beers. Craft Beer In Lisbon is based in history and is also really trendy.

In the middle of 2014, in a more developed character of the different styles of beer and thanks to the appearance of the Portuguese Craft Beers, the boom happens and the beer reaches a higher level, highlighting the new brewery of the most varied styles.

These beers are produced with a focus on variety of colors, aromas and tastes, using traditional techniques and recipes.
They are almost always produced in small quantities by family businesses.
Which mainly serve the region where they are inserted, strengthening the local economy and generating employment.

Craft beers are made of values, ideas and concepts.
They have an associated name and face.
They are made by real people, who love their beers and who imprint on them the imprint of their country, city, neighborhood, home, and life.

People who are happy when they share – literally – the passion that moves them, every day. Between bars, bodegas, factories and brewpubs, there are more and more varied projects related to the craft beer.

Cerveteca – Craft Beer In Lisbon

If we talk about artisanal beer in Lisbon, and above all on the places where it is, the conversation has to start with Cerveteca.

It is true that there were already other places where one could drink one or another craft beer.
Or with a few foreign bottles in the letter.
But the bar and shop in Praça das Flores was the first exclusively of artisan beer that opened in Lisbon.

It will not be exaggerated to write that Cerveteca was the spark that triggered the explosion, or rather, the expansion of artisanal beer in the capital.
When it opened, almost five years ago, nobody else was betting on small foreign producers without national distribution and made known so many new Portuguese brewers, nor did it strive to educate the general public. Another great place to visit is Dois Corvos.

Few people make as much and so much the beer in Portugal as the Two Crows.

They have a number of bottles for sale in supermarkets and in a few restaurants.
But the best are the more limited editions, which are only found in specialized bottle shops and bars.

For many, many years, at number 6 of Rua da Prior do Crato, there was the tunnel that connected Alcantara to the stables of the Palace of Necessities.

But what matters is that since 2016 is the Brewpub Chimera. With 12 taps, where they run drinks produced by themselves and by other brewers, and a few dozen bottles. There are also snacks, dogs, and sandwiches inspired by the New York delis.

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