Vilamoura, whether it is the dreamy beaches, the buzzing nightlife or the many other activities around the area. That caught your eye and made you decide to travel to Vilamoura, we can promise you that you will not be disappointed!


Built in 1974 by one of Portugal’s richest bankers, Vilamoura is a modern and sophisticated holiday destination in the central Algarve, and unlike most of Portugal, this seaside town has got rid of the older traditional charm that most of the country is known for and replaced it with striking perfection, with an exclusive marina complex, gourmet restaurants and chic bars and clubs this town it is unlike any other town in portugal and mainly attracts tourists from the middle and upper class, tourists that come here prefer quality over costs and therefore it is more expensive than other locations in Portugal, but you definitely get what you pay for.


Surrounding the city, all along the coastline is either golden or pearly white beaches and of course, the clear blue sea, like taken out of a travel catalog.


To the West of the town runs the 6 km long  Praia da Falésia, one of the most magnificent beaches of the central Algarve, and to the east of the marina is the beautiful Praia de Vilamoura, both beaches worth to check out.
On the beaches parasols and sun loungers can be hired for around 10 to 15 euros a day, along with all of the typical beach water sport such as banana boats and kite surfing and On the Praia de Vilamoura is the uber-chic Puro Beach Club with two distinct zones, one on the beach in front of the Atlantic sea, and the other in a garden with a fantastic pool, the prices for sun loungers in here is on the higher end but with two bars and a restaurant on site as well as the beautiful decor it is understandable that you pay more than on the public beach.


After a full day lounging around in the sun it’s time to hit the bars, the nightlife all over Algarve is hard to beat with its warm, mild summer nights and endless bars and clubs to dance the night away at,  and in Vilamoura there is something for everyone’s taste, from elegant lounge bars and beach clubs to music bars and all-night clubs or famous casinos you and your friends are guaranteed a good night wherever you end up.


If you are not feeling to ruff from the night before, you might wanna check out one of the many extraordinary golf courses the area has to offer, we know golf might not be to everyone’s  taste, but if it is yours, then you are in the right place, the whole area was originally constructed in the 1980s as an elite golfing center and today boasts five exceptional golf courses.
For the people who think golf is not quite for you and your group but you still want and active day out in the sun, check out the aquashow park with many attractions both in and out of the water, shows and rides. 

Or for those looking for more luxurious but calmer activities, take a wonder down to the Vilamoura marina, the largest marina in Portugal with space for over 1000 boats,  if luxury is what you are searching the marina will not disappoint, filled with yachts and boats, some worth way over the million, this is the richest favorite place with its amazing bars and restaurants all along the marina.

So whatever brought you here, we can insure you that you will have an amazing time.

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