6 Spots For Afternoon Tea Portugal

Activities In Portugal’s 6 Spots For Afternoon Tea Portugal, updated for 2022 and in no particular order.

During winter in Portugal the sun may still be shining but the air drops to a cool temperature. After spending Spring and Summer outside tourists and locals start looking for a cozy place to warm up. Is there a better way to warm up than a cup of tea? No!

The Brits may be famous for a cuppa tea but it was an influential Portuguese woman that actually started that cultural addiction. Catherine of Braganza (daughter of Portugal’s King John IV) married King Charles II and brought to the UK her love of a cup of tea!

So why not follow in Portuguese royalty and partake in afternoon tea in Portugal.

Below are our 6 Spots For Afternoon Tea Portugal.

Thanks for reading 6 Spots For Afternoon Tea Portugal, is your favourite spot on our list?

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