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Escape Room Lisbon

The escape room Lisbon is a real-life adventure game where participants are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and clues to escape within a set time limit.

The game is played in a group, and teamwork and communication are essential to success.

The Excape Room LIsbon offers a tailored package exclusively crafted for your company, ensuring that your team-building experience becomes an unforgettable moment for both you and your employees. Our activities encompass not just fostering team spirit, communication, and leadership skills but also encouraging innovative thinking, empathy, and the infusion of fun into every moment.

The themes and scenarios of the escape room can vary, ranging from murder mysteries to space exploration.

Choose from an Escape Room experience in your office or visit the Escape Room Lisbon
Ideal for corporate events and family/friends groups

What’s Included?


Your team’s mission is to rob the smuggler Lorenzo Lopes’s office and steal the map from his
whereabouts. Do you think you have the cold blood needed to complete this mission in 60


Your Team will embark on an epic adventure in search of a long-lost island. Will they find
Lorenzo Lopes? What dangers will they encounter? You have 60 minutes to find out …


You and your team will try to discover what mysteries are hidden in a pharaoh’s tomb
whose whereabouts had been lost for a long time. Are you ready?

The Bomb

You thought it was just a simple meeting but a terrible surprise awaits your Team. The competition has left you a bomb that will explode in 60 minutes. Will you and your Team be able to dismantle the bomb in time?

Deadly Tear

A container has disappeared from the port of Lisbon and only your team can save the city from
the misfortune that lies ahead. Are you up to this challenge that will take you through the streets
of Lisbon?

The Escape Room Experience


The Team plunges into a film-like setting where they will be transported to a completely different reality.

Game Masters

The whole experience will be guided by our Game Masters who will ensure that your time spent with us is truly unforgettable.

60 minutes

The Teams have 60 minutes to unravel all the challenges we launch and escape.


60 Minutes


Given the size of your group (45 participants), we will create 6 teams which will be distributed across our games. One team will play The Heist XL, another will be on The Lost Island XL, another will be playing The Pharaoh’s Tomb, another will be playing The Bomb and two teams will play our street game The Deadly Tear.

Food & Drinks

You can bring your own food or drinks for this activity.


Bring comfortable clothes and flat shoes.

Arrival Time

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your activity.


Safety Briefing on the escape room Lisbon

About Lisbon

Lisbon is a trendy, historic and chilled city. Set on seven hills Lisbon offers amazing views of unique architecture, stunning green spaces and clear blues skies. Lisbon has numerous beaches on its doorstep and great nightlife.

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Specification: Escape Room Lisbon


Price Per Person

Max Group Size

45 Guests

Min Group Size

10 Guests


1 Hour



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