What To Do In Lisbon
Lisbon is the Green Capital in 2020

Lisbon has been awarded the Green Capital of Europe for 2020, the award was given by the European Commission’s European Green Capital Award initiative. The award is considered for cities that out perform in the areas of energy, water, mobility, waste, green infrastructure and biodiversity. The ...

The Lisbon Web Summit

Machinery that can feel, cars recognizing their owners, self-learning vehicles - how 2000 startups have met over 1200 investors at Web Summit - the biggest innovation and technology conference in the world taking place in Lisbon. Web Summit is one of the most important events in tech industry that ...

Nova Batida

Nova Batida is a new music festival that did its debut in Lisbon last year. The second chapter has just finished this years addition with a big boom!If you are looking for any new and exciting festivals to visit next year this one should be on the list.With a wide range of music and in one of ...

Lisbon Pride

It does not matter if you have attended a Pride week in one of the many countries and cities around the world hosting their own pride. We think Lisbon Pride is the best. There are some things that never change from year to year.The glitter, the rainbow and the happy, including atmosphere that ...

Unique and fun places for food and drink

If you, like us, want an imprinting experience as well as good food and drink when out and about. We strongly recommend you to go and check at least one of these 3 unique and fun place for food and drink. Fifties Opening times - 11.30 - 23.00Closed on Sundays Address - Av. Dom João II ...

Parque Das Nações – Expo

Parque Das Nações is a modern island in the middle of the other traditional and historic city.Built as the site of the world fair 1998 expo.It is still widely referred to as exactly that, expo park or just expo by the locals. Ocean Theme The entire park is build with an ocean theme as a ...

Lisbon Culture

Lisbon culture is a true gem with its many beautiful historical areas and buildings.A big choice of museums and art galleries.In many areas of the city the streets and car parks has become its own gallery filled of urban street art. Its something for everyone. Alfama The oldest part of the ...


Belem is located 6 km west of the city center of Lisbon.It has a beautiful mix between some of Lisbon's most historical landmarks, stunning gardens and museums. It is easily accessed by train or tram. Belem Tower The most famous sights is the 16th century Torre De Belem located in the ...

Safety in Lisbon

Safety in Lisbon Portugal is the third safest country in the world and has a very low crime rate over all, but as in any capital or bigger city when visiting Lisbon you do have to take care and think, use common sense. Pickpocketing The most common crime a tourist could experience is ...

Craft Beer In Lisbon

The history of beer in Portugal is already quite old. Many tribes that passed here produced drinks that we might consider were patents away from beers. Craft Beer In Lisbon is based in history and is also really trendy. In the middle of 2014, in a more developed character of the different ...


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