The Lisbon Web Summit

Machinery that can feel, cars recognizing their owners, self-learning vehicles – how 2000 startups have met over 1200 investors at Web Summit – the biggest innovation and technology conference in the world taking place in Lisbon.

Web Summit is one of the most important events in tech industry that gathers the founders and CEOs of technology companies, startups, politicians and everyone connected to the technology business. It is the place where you can get to know upcoming trends for startup innovation or upcoming startup superstars in different areas like medicine, advertising, AL & machine learning, ecology, fintech, architecture or transport. The event has been organized since 2009 in Ireland and has moved to Lisbon since 2016.

This year Web Summit was organized from November 4th to November 7th at the Altice Arena & Fil in Lisbon and gathered over 70 000 participants from 160 different countries, 1200 speakers, around 2000 startups and 1200 investors. The event hosted a lot of distinguished guests such as Brad Smith (Microsoft president), Guo Ping (CEO Huawei), Tony Blair (Former Prime Minister of of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Kate Brandt (Sustainability Officer, Google), Melanie Perkins (Co-founder & CEO Canva) and many more. The subjects mentioned at the conference were very varied and referred for example to data protection, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, sustainability and human-centric design. The most requested industries were fintech, enterprise software, AI and machine learning.

The most popular startups among the investors at Web Summit 2019 are the following:

  • FLUX (Fintech) ”A receipts and rewards platform that lives in your banking app”
  • EPICA (AL and machine learning) – ”Platform that analyses your data and from that, anticipates and predicts sales, interest, content engagement, and demand. ”
  • Holded (enterprise software solutions) – ”Gives you the ability to manage Sales, Finance, Operations and HR, all from one platform.”
  • Brighter AL (AL and machine learning) – ”Developed unique anonymization technology which protects individual identity while keeping high levels of accuracy and full analytic capabilities. ”
  • Billon (Fintech) – ”A Fintech company operating in UK and Poland which stores and transfers regulated currencies and other data using a proprietary blockchain. ”
  • Sharegain (Fintech) – ”A new fintech venture aiming to open up the global securities lending market to individual investors and allow them to access a market largely restricted to institutional investors. ”
  • Capdesk (Fintech) – ”Help growth companies save time, cut legal and accounting fees, and track equity and employee shares by digitising cap tables and reports. ”
  • (Travel and Hospitality) – ”Platform with price comparison options, without hidden costs, carefully selected carriers, and a best price guaranteed. ”
  • Bitwala (Fintech) – ”World’s first regulated blockchain bank account with a Bitcoin wallet and trading directly integrated. ”
  • Ekkono Solutions (AL and machine learning) -”Creating machines, vehicles and other smart, predictive, and self-learning subjects. ”


Do not miss next edition happening at 2-5 November 2020!

The websummit is a must visit in Lisbon.

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