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Craft Beer In Lisbon

The history of beer in Portugal is already quite old. Many tribes that passed here produced drinks that we might consider were patents away from beers. Craft Beer In Lisbon is based in history and is also really trendy. In the middle of 2014, in a more developed character of the different ...

Pasteis De Bacalhau

What is Pasteis De Bacalhau? Pasteis De Bacalhau is a a speciality of the Portuguese gastronomy. They are savoury small cod fish balls sold all over Portugal. The very first person to write down a recipe for a Pasteis De Bacalhau was by Carlos Bandeira de Melo in 1904. In ...

Rio Maravilha

Rio Maravilha based in the LX factory is an amazing rooftop bar with outstanding and breathtaking views of the river Tagus and the 25th April bridge. The bar boasts a massive terrace, with a retro cool design and a female statue mirroring Christ the Redeemer on the opposite side of the ...

Café da Ordem dos Arquitectos

Lisbon is full is hidden gems. Do not expect flashing neon signs in Lisbon, the city is much more sophisticated and confident in her pastimes. From the outside many cafes and bars look nondescript and unremarkable but these are secret locations that Lisbon likes to hold close to her chest. ...

Time Out Market

Lisbon Time Out Market Located in the "Mercado da Ribeira" the Lisbon Time Out Market  opened 2014, it is the first of its kind and has been become a must see in Lisbon. "Born from decades of local knowledge, independent reviews and expert opinions and put together by Time Out ...


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